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1- (2 Piece) Screen Door Saver Magnet

1- (2 Piece) Screen Door Saver Magnet

$ 6.99

These screen saver magnets were designed to save your sliding screen doors from an accidental walk through. These 2" x 3" ladybug magnets are not only decorative for your screen doors, but the vibrant red color draws your eyes to it, letting you see the sometimes invisible screen door is there.

The bright red- 2 piece lady bug is magnetically placed back to back with the screen in between each piece.

It prevents people and pets from crashing into the door by drawing attention to the ladybug.

It can also be used to patch a ripped screen or as 2 fun refrigerator magnets.

**Fun Fact- Ladybugs are supposed to be good luck!!!!

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